The border between the best of the best and the rest is not as plain to see as it once was. Alabama lost in Week 7 and Michigan stomped No. 10 Penn State. Both wins do a lot to explain the current landscape of college football.

Joel Klatt released his updated top 4 directly following the Week 7 college football slate. He has 2 B1G teams included after Alabama’s loss to Tennessee.

It’s hard to imagine either Tennessee or Ohio State as anything but No. 1 and No. 2 heading into Week 8. Both are similar, possessing the most potent offenses in the country with a Heisman contender at quarterback.

Michigan deserves some love, too. People went on and one about how the Wolverines had not played anybody. A 24-point win at home against a top 10 team should quite the crowd for a few weeks.