Joel Klatt talked about how to fix non-conference scheduling recently. Does one person have the right answer?

Fox Sports’ Klatt might not have the perfect solution to fix scheduling in the realm of non-conference games, but he at least has an idea in place. According to Klatt, the best plan of action would be to help teams “increase parody” and “increase revenue” moving forward.

How would this work? For starters, Klatt stated that every team — regardless of level — would play 9 conference games. With the remaining 3 games, Klatt suggested that every Power 5 school in America would get 2 home games and 1 road game against opponents outside the conference.

As for increasing the level of competition, Klatt said that based on where a team finished inside its conference would determine which “pool” it would fall in. Teams that finished near the top of the conference would be in Pool 1. Middle-tier teams would be in Pool 2 or Pool 3. Bottom-dwellers would be in Pool 4.

“I believe that the best programs in the country should be expected to play the toughest schedules in the country,” Klatt said on the latest edition of ‘The Joel Klatt Show.’ “No one should balk at that because we have an expanded playoff coming.”

In short, teams like Ohio State and Michigan would face off against programs like Clemson and Alabama. Programs such as Rutgers or Illinois would face opponents such as Georgia Tech and Duke.