On ESPN’s College Football Playoff show Tuesday evening, analyst Joey Galloway went at the CFP Committee for their double standard of punishing some teams for not playing, but also helping others.

Galloway felt particularly bad for the Cincinnati Bearcats, who fell to No. 9 in the latest rankings despite being undefeated:

“If I’m Cincinnati, I’m really upset right now,” said Galloway. “I’m really not happy about the fact that we’ve fallen each week after not playing, and it’s not their fault. As we have all these discussions about teams playing versus teams not playing…it seems as if some teams are being punished for not playing football games and some teams are not.”

Galloway didn’t mention any school by name but that may be a shot at Ohio State as the Buckeyes are only 5-0 but in the top four of the CFP and needed the B1G to shift rules for them be eligible to be in the B1G Championship Game.

Galloway continued to talk about Cincinnatti and some of the lower schools:

“So if I’m one of the little guys, if I’m Cincinnati and I’m always scratching and clawing to be considered one of the big boys, I look at this and what’s going on and say ‘This is not fair. We’re being punished for not playing and it’s not our fault,'” explained Galloway.

We’ll have to see if the Bearcats move up in Sunday’s  final rankings, especially if they beat No. 23 Tulsa on Saturday night.