Kevin Warren is not currently pursuing an expansion of the B1G.

The B1G has been in the news over the past few months for putting plans in place to add USC and UCLA to the conference in the near future. Even with USC and UCLA ready to join the conference in the next few years, Warren is not ready to commit to further expansion.

While speaking at the B1G Media Days, Warren addressed the idea of the B1G being one of the conferences to expand to 20 teams. He did not have any plans on large expansion for the conference:

“Not something we’re aggressively doing right now,” Warren said. “Do I think certain conferences may grow thru natural evolution to 18 or 20 schools? I do. Now over what period is critical question. I don’t know if that’s within a year, 5 or 7 years.”

Warren addressed the possibility of other conferences taking part in widespread expansion. He noted that natural evolution could take place for conferences to gradually increase their number of schools. The possibility of the B1G adding more schools through expansion could be a reality within the next 5 to 7 years.

Conference realignment and expansion will continue to be a topic of conversation in college sports. The B1G will certainly be at the forefront of any expansion discussions.