Could we be in store of an interesting College GameDay location in 2020? If it was up to Kirk Herbstreit, one of the backdrops this season would be as unique as any we’ve ever seen on the pregame show.

With the news that The Masters is aiming over Nov. 12-15 for the annual tournament dates this year — forced to move from April 9-12 due to the coronavirus pandemic — ESPN analyst and Indianapolis radio show host Dan Dakich pitched an idea to Herbstreit: College GameDay from Augusta.

Herbstreit was all in on that. After seeing Dakich’s tweet, the college football analyst tagged Lee Fitting (the show’s producer) to let him know of the idea. It would certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.

Obviously, this would provide an incredibly different experience to the traditional College GameDay shows. It would probably be one of the quietest sets in the show’s history, maybe right behind the in-studio shows that were originally produced.

If college football is played next season, it’s unlikely that College GameDay would make the trek to Augusta the weekend of The Masters, as tee times would be set during the traditional air time of the show on that Saturday. Plus, it would absolutely take away from the college football experience.

Who knows, though? College GameDay is always trying new things and visiting different places. If it’s a realistic option, ESPN might attempt to make it happen,