It is the Wild West for college football, this as the sport is coming to grips with new transfer rules and the growing perception that the game is merely a stepping stone to the NFL. It is the latter point that has some college insiders frustrated and worried.

For some such as ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit, recent developments are not being kind to college football. On 97.1 The Ticket based out of Detroit, Herbstreit on Wednesday morning railed against how the times be a changing.

“I’m worried about the sport overall,” Herbstreit said. “I’m worried about the focus strictly on the playoff, that if you’re not one of the playoff teams, ‘Why does it even matter, who cares? Let’s just opt out, let’s get ready for the NFL.'”

Herbstreit showed concern, in particular, for the overemphasis of the College Football Playoff. Players on top teams outside the four-team playoff have increasingly opted out of prestigious bowl games to focus on their NFL Draft preparations.

For Herbstreit, a former quarterback at Ohio State, it doesn’t add up or make sense. In fact, he sees it as being detrimental.

“And if that’s the world we’re going to live in in college football, that’s like March Madness,” said Herbstreit. “If you’re in March Madness, fill out the bracket and we’re gonna get excited. But do you care about the NIT? No, unless it’s maybe your school.

“That’s what college football’s turning into with this playoff. If you’re in the playoff, it’s March Madness, and if you’re not in the playoff — even if you’re 9-2 — good riddance. Kids are opting out of Rose Bowls, kids are opting out of Sugar Bowls. It’s like, what in the hell is happening to our sport?”