The high praise doesn’t come without some criticism for ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit. That’s just the way it is when you’re one of the game’s most recognizable faces.

Herbstreit will be with the College GameDay crew in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, previewing this weekend’s matchups, including a top 25 showdown between No. 4 Ohio State and No. 15 TCU. And, of course, ESPN’s decision to cover the Buckeyes and Horned Frogs received plenty backlash.

One individual called out Herbstreit and GameDay on Twitter, saying it was a cowardly (cleaned that up a touch) move to cover Ohio State-TCU, assuming Buckeye fans would throw a fit if the popular pre-game show wasn’t in Arlington.  Another individual believes that Herbstreit will always be considered a homer when he’s covering OSU games.

Neither response pleased Herbie.

Firing back to his critics has become something Herbstreit is comfortable doing on a regular basis, though he’s probably received much worse than what was posted this week.

When you’re one of the experts associated with college football, it’s just part of the territory. People either love or hate Herbstreit.

But don’t call him out unless you’re ready to receive some backlash.