After a 7-6 season under Jeff Brohm in 2017, Purdue felt a renewed sense of pride in its football program after some truly terrible seasons.

But a few fans may have taken that excitement a little bit too far.

In the Purdue student section on Thursday night, a Purdue fan held a “We Want Bama” sign high in the air, visible for all the ESPN cameras to capture. And then Kirk Herbstreit, who was calling the game in West Lafayette, went off.

Herbstreit believes the sign should be “banned” from college stadiums because “it doesn’t work out like you want it to when you play Bama.”

That’s usually true. And if Purdue were to play Bama, it might be a pretty lopsided contest.

While fans continue to have their fan and talk about wanting to play the dynasty of college football, Herbstreit hopes he never has to see that sign again.