It’s been six years since EA Sports launched its last college football video game. In all honesty, it feels like it’s been two decades.

The popular NCAA Football game’s last release came prior to the 2013 season, launching NCAA Football 2014 with Michigan quarterback Dennard Robinson on the cover. Each year we go without a new release gets more and more painful. Even some of the big wigs in college football are tired of waiting.

College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit tweeted out on Tuesday that he’s ready for EA Sports and the NCAA to get something worked out. It’s time for the popular game to make its return.

“Yo (EA Sports). It’s time. Let’s figure this out with the (NCAA),” Herbstreit wrote. “Figure out a way!! This is ridiculous.”

There’s been hope that with the NCAA created a working group to look into paying student-athletes for their name, likeness and imaging, EA Sports could get back to work on creating a new college football game. That could take some time, though.

Hopefully EA Sports and the NCAA get something worked out. Enough is enough.