The new idea of a one-time transfer rule in college athletics, allowing a player to leave a school without penalty of having to sit out a season, appears to be the next big movement in sports. And, based on the reactions across the country, it seems to be a rule that many would agree with moving forward.

But one critic of the new potential rule change is college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit. The longtime ESPN personality and former Ohio State quarterback doesn’t necessarily feel like a first-time transfer rule is the best thing for the student-athlete.

Herbstreit was on the Paul Finebaum Show to talk about what concerns him with the new idea.

“I’ve heard, ‘let’s let everyone have one chance to be able to transfer out without having to sit out,'” Herbstreit said during an appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show. “I think it gets really messy when you just start letting players come and go as they please. I’ll just be very candid, I’m a little bit partial to this because I feel like — I’ll use myself as an example. Things did not go my way at Ohio State and my inclination as a 19-year-old was to leave. I wanted go play baseball, I wanted to go to another school…I wanted out.

“I really feel when you’re faced with adversity as an 18-, 19-, 20-year-old, picking up your ball and running to the next school is not always the answer. I think you learn about life lessons and life values when you run into a coach that’s not seeing eye to eye with you, when you run into a guy that’s maybe better than you and you have to go into the offseason and try to outwork him to get the upper hand. I think there are some real life lessons and helps you really grow as a person. Things aren’t always better because you leave and go to another place.”

The B1G recently pushed the idea to eliminate restrictions for student-athletes who were transferring for the first time. Essentially, those players would not be forced to sit out one season before being immediately eligible to participate.

Last week, the ACC backed the B1G’s idea and now there’s an NCAA working group focused on creating a new potential rule to loosen the restrictions on one-time transfers. More than likely, a new rule will be passed in the near future.

But is it the best move? Herbstreit certainly sees some flaws with it, and he brings up some good points. It could be really interesting to see if the transfer portal sees even more activity if that rule comes into effect.