Kirk Herbstreit was moved by some segments of Saturday’s show and shared his gratitude for College GameDay on social media.

Herbie and the crew were in Foxborough, Massachusetts for the annual Army-Navy game, and he talked about one feature about Steve Dwyer Jr. Dwyer passed away during a Blackhawk training exercise with 4 other soldiers.

Dwyer’s father talked about the loss and how it’s affected him. The feature then showed a solider playing Taps as it faded to black, which was a moving moment for everyone.

“We had a feature on Steve Dwyer Jr who died on a Blackhawk training exercise with 4 other soldiers. His Dad Steve Sr talked about his son-his life-what made him special and how difficult his loss has been for he and his family,” Herbstreit wrote. “Jen Lada did an amazing job on that feature and tagged it w/ a soldier playing taps live and we faded into black. Moving moment for all who watched.”

Guest picker Bill Belichick also had some ties to the game. Bill’s father was an assistant and Navy and spoke to how impactful those years were. The New England Patriots head coach then took something out of Lee Corso’s playbook, putting on an old Navy helmet to make the pick.

“Then at the end of the show we had Bill Belichick on as our celebrity picker-to watch he and LC talk Navy football and to hear how impactful those years were on BB as a youngster w/ his Dad Steve as an assistant during those years so incredible to see,” said Herbstreit. “And THEN he makes his pick and pulls a Lee Corso-putting on an old Navy helmet as he picks to Navy to win!! Coach Belichick is t doing THAT anywhere else-just surreal!”

Herbstreit loves what he does and is grateful for those he gets to do it with.