Lane Kiffin said that a Texas Tech player may have potentially used a racial slur and spit on an Ole Miss player following the Rebels’ loss to the Red Raiders in the Texas Bowl.

Kiffin spoke to the press, discussing what went down in Wednesday night’s Texas Bowl. An incident allegedly occurred after a scuffle during the fourth quarter, following a fumble by Ole Miss’ Dayton Wade, which Texas Tech recovered.

There was pushing and shoving that allegedly occurred between Texas Tech players and Jordan Watkins, who received a personal foul penalty. Following the game, Kiffin claimed that the penalty should have been on Texas Tech linebacker, Dimitri Moore, claiming he spit on one of his players.

“There was a racial slur involved. That’s not the point of what we’re talking about; [it’s] about the spitting part,” Kiffin said, per AP. “I brought our own 71 up to the officials, right or wrong, you see him crying? He’s not crying not because he got spit on, it’s because something was said. I’m going to defend our players when a kid spits on them and is accused to a national audience that it’s him. So, Jordan has to deal with this.”

Ole Miss ended up losing to Texas Tech, 42-25 in the Texas Bowl.