Jason Brown, the head coach at Independence Community College and star of the third season of “Last Chance U” on Netflix, is in some hot water.

The Montgomery County Chronicle is reporting that Brown made a reference to Adolf Hitler in a text message to one of the players on his team who was later cut. The player was Germany-native Alexandros Alexiou posted the texts on social media.

Brown texted Alexiou “I’m your new Hitler,” in a series of derogatory exchanges from the head coach. In the text messages, Brown told Alexiou that he had accrued 17 points, referencing the team’s 25-point disciplinary policy. If a player reaches 25 points for discipline issues, he is kicked off the team.


According to KGGF NewsRadio, the Independence Community College Board of Trustees called for a special executive session regarding a “personnel issue” on Thursday. No action was taken.

Alexiou spoke with several assistant coaches regarding the matter. He also filed a report of discrimination.

Brown was known for his fiery attitude and vulgar language while on “Last Chance U.” He continues to toe the line while serving as the head coach, and certainly is earning much respect with his heated temper and derogatory and offensive comments.