The fifth installment of the popular Netflix documentary series Last Chance U has nearly arrived.

On Tuesday, a trailer of Season 5 of Last Chance U was released, highlighting the latest season in the popular Netflix show. The program began following a new junior college football program and will give behind-the-scenes access at Laney College.

Below is the trailer that was released on Tuesday:

New episodes from the latest season are scheduled to hit Netflix on July 28. It will be the first time the show has highlighted Laney College.

First, Last Chance U followed East Mississippi Community College for two years, with the first season coming out in summer of 2016. The documentary series spent one more year at EMCC before moving on to Independence Community College, where it also spent two years.

Also on Tuesday, Last Chance U announced that it will no longer be highlighting football. Beginning in 2021, the documentary series will switch sports and will provide behind-the-scenes access to basketball programs.