The 2021 March Madness tournament is going to be insane!

So far, fans know that this year’s tournament will be played solely in Indianapolis. That is a massive undertaking for one site but does feel like a best-case scenario at this point.

Beyond the location, it will be interesting to see what the final team records will be as teams continue to deal with postponements due to COVID-19. Penn State was the most recent B1G school to pause activities and postpone at least two games.

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi is still taking on the task of trying to project the entire tournament field this year, and he unveiled the most recent look at bracketology on Tuesday.

In Lunardi’s latest bracketology, 10 B1G schools make the field. Remarkably, the B1G misses out on a No. 1 seed with Gonzaga, Baylor, Texas, and Villanova earning the top spots.

Potentially even more impressive, Lunardi has the B1G sweeping the No. 2 seeds with Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin each earning a No. 2 spot.

Here is every B1G team with their corresponding seed and first-round matchup on Lunardi’s list:

  • 11 Northwestern vs 11 USC (First Four)
  • 2 Michigan vs 15 Southern Utah
  • 4 Rutgers vs 13 Hofstra
  • 2 Iowa vs 15 Cleveland St.
  • 9 Indiana vs 8 Florida State
  • 5 Minnesota vs 12 Wichita State
  • 2 Illinois vs 15 Oral Roberts
  • 8 Michigan State vs 9 LSU
  • 6 Ohio State vs 11 Drake
  • 2 Wisconsin vs 15 New Mexico State