ESPN’s College GameDay is down in Oxford, MS., for the game against No. 11 Texas A&M and No. 15 Ole Miss.

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit caught up with Lee Corso and asked him who his new top 4 is heading into Week 11. Corso gave his top 4, and they are as follows:

  1. Georgia
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Ohio State
  4. Alabama

According to Corso, his reasoning for the top 2 is that they are undefeated and said Ohio State’s only loss is to Oregon. He did not give an explanation on Alabama.

The reason for Oregon not being in his top 4 is because they lost to Stanford. Cincinnati fans will not like what Corso said about how they do not play a strong enough schedule. Cincinnati is undefeated and has wins on the road vs. 2 Power 5 teams, one of which is No. 9, Notre Dame.

Many pundits and the College Football Playoff selection committee are telling Cincinnati and the Group of 5 to fly a kite. They’ll never get a seat at the table unless the playoffs expand.