Dick Vitale got the word that he is cancer free recently. He also made another announcement from his social media account on Friday.

Vitale got the approval from his doctor to speak at ESPYs on Wednesday. He will be receiving the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. Vitale had surgery to remove melanoma in August of 2021, and was later diagnosed with lymphoma in October of that same year.

The broadcasting great shared the news by posting a video of his vocal cord analysis by Dr. Steve Zeitels. Vitale was very excited about the news, given the year he has had. Here’s what the doctor said:

“You’re almost entirely healed now,” said. Zeitels. “We’re pretty pleased where things are at. These are your vocal cords. The membrane is almost completely healed. Initially you had carcinoma in situ, which is pre-cancerous dysplasia throughout your vocal cords and you had the larger operation in February. We then had to follow with the second stage, which was not too long ago in June. I see no disease there at this point, so you’re gonna be good to go. You should be ready to go next Wednesday at the ESPY Awards.”