It’s time for football.

Week 0 concluded over the weekend and Week 1 is right ahead of us. Basically, every time gets to play its first game of the 2019 season in the next few days.

We can’t wait.

We can’t wait for that, and, well, beer too. Beer is synonymous with football. Especially during tailgates.

Luckily enough for Wolverine and Spartans fans, there are new, specially themed beers for both teams. Big Lake Brewing, located in Holland, Mich has created “Haze & Blue” and “Sparti Parti.”

“Saying goodbye to summer is always sad, but nothing goes more perfectly with fall tailgate season than beer, and our two seasonal signature beers pair perfectly with our state’s football traditions,” said Travis Prueter, co-founder of Big Lake Brewing, via a press release.

Here’s a look at the two beers:

From Amy Sherman over at, ‘Sparti Parti’ and ‘Haze and Blue’ both share the same New England IPA base. For those ‘Go Blue’ fans, the brewery adds in real blueberries to the beer for a hint of fruit. It comes in at an easy 5.5% ABV, making this a pretty approachable NEIPA. Spartans get to enjoy some great citrus notes in their brew from the addition of Amarillo and Mandarina hops, and the 7% ABV will get them yelling ‘Go Green, Go White’ even more enthusiastically.”

Michigan’s 2019 season starts on Aug. 31 at home against Middle Tennessee, while Michigan State starts on Aug. 30 at home against Tulsa.