You knew it was coming. Whenever UCF’s long win streak came to an end, it was only a matter of time before the program received a taste of its own medicine.

Since the end of last season, UCF has proclaimed itself the national champion of the 2017 season. The movement was to poke holes in the College Football Playoff’s system, which “unfairly” kept the Knights from competing for a national title in back-to-back seasons.

Tuesday, LSU posted a 40-32 victory over UCF in the Fiesta Bowl, snapping the Knights’ 25-game winning streak. After the win, a few Tigers had some fun at the expense of the AAC champion:

UCF has made it such a point to declare itself a national champion that several grew tired of the act. Clearly, that extended to LSU.

With the Knights losing in the Fiesta Bowl, it will likely quiet a lot of the talk about UCF’s College Football Playoff odds and will certainly end the discussion about a national championship.

LSU was pretty ruthless in mocking UCF, but a lot of people are probably applauding the Tigers for quieting the Knights.