Florida started the trend and now everyone wants in.

Recently, a video of Lloyd Summerall III’s father went viral after the two were both suited up head-to-toe in a Florida Gators uniform. Now, apparently its an official thing on recruiting visits. And it’s seeped into the B1G.

Photos from Missouri and Penn State have also surfaced recently, showing sons and fathers dressed in uniforms while on recruiting visits. It’s an interesting new venture, but a great way to help dads feel involved in the recruiting process.

Side note: that dad sporting the Missouri attire might actually still be able to suit up for the Tigers.

Whether it was an actual recruiting tactic or not, Florida’s pitch to include Summerall’s dad in the recruiting process — and get the opportunity to get into uniform — has swept the nation (kind of). We’ll probably start seeing a lot more of these photos in the future.

Before you know it, we’ll probably start seeing moms suiting up, too.