Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz is making his pitch to bring college football back. The former Notre Dame and South Carolina head coach went on FOX News this week to explain why he believes the sport should return in the fall.

Holtz’s primary argument while on the news station? Nothing can be done without some form of risk.

“There’s no way you can do anything in this world without a risk,” Holtz said. “People stormed Normandy. …They knew there were going to be casualties. They knew there were going to be risks. But it was a way of life.”

After those comments, Holtz went after the B1G’s decision to eliminate all nonconference games.

“First of all, you have some teams in the B1G that schedule four patsies so they know they’ll win four games, win two conference games and go to a bowl. That ain’t gonna happen.”

The B1G switched to nine conference games and only plays three non-league games currently. Still, Holtz says it will have an awful impact on the non-Power Five schools, which receive a lot of money from the big-time programs to play those games.

Below is the full clip from Holtz’s interaction on FOX News: