Lou Holtz is not pulling any punches. He believes the B1G made the wrong decision on Tuesday, opting to cancel the 2020 college football season and all fall sports.

Holtz joined FOX News on Tuesday to provide his reaction to the news announced by the B1G. The conference became the first Power 5 league to pull the plug on fall sports due to COVID-19, followed shortly thereafter by the Pac-12.

The MAC and Mountain West were the first FBS conference to choose against playing football this fall. Holtz believes that’s not the best move at this point.

“I think they should play,” Holtz said. “If you have a problem — if you have an asthma problem, if you’re diabetic or something and you have a legitimate reason you don’t wanna play, absolutely don’t play. The rest of ya that wanna play, let’s go play.

“I think that we shut everything down for six months. I’m going crazy about being quarantined. I think other people are tired of it. Let’s move on with our life.”

Holtz has held this opinion for weeks now. He believes that college student-athletes are among the safest in terms of COVID-19 risk and believes they should return to the field if they choose to do so.

Below is the full clip from Holtz: