Louisville may end up losing to Clemson by 30, but it won’t be because the Cardinals weren’t motivated.

Prior to the Cardinals-Tigers matchup, a couple Louisville coaches were yelling, pushing and borderline fighting their players in order to get them pumped up to face the defending champions.

At one point, Louisville quality control coach Nic Cardwell was on top of a couple players’ shoulders, screaming and waving his arms. He looked like a crazy man.

Check it out below:

Louisville’s coaches might have done more of this Saturday to prepare for Clemson, but this is a regular routine as well. Television cameras showed Cardwell and the Louisville staff doing the same thing last week before facing Wake Forest.

In fact, Louisville defensive line coach Mark Ivey went through such a physically intense warmup last week, his nose was bleeding afterwards.

Whatever works. If Louisville beats Clemson on Saturday, the Cardinals coaching staff will probably scream louder and give everyone bloody noses before the game next week.