Tennessee’s frustrating day reached a boiling point while the Vols were getting blown out by Kentucky on Saturday afternoon in Knoxville. And Ramel Keyton was fortunate to not be tossed out of the game because of it.

After the Kentucky defense held the Tennessee offense a 3-and-out, Keyton let his frustration get the best of him and took it out on Wildcats linebacker J.J. Weaver. The Vols receiver kicked Weaver in a less-than-desirable spot, earning Tennessee a 15-year unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

It was all part of a disappointing day all around for the Volunteers.

At the time, Kentucky owned a 27-7 lead on Tennessee. On the following possession, the Wildcats marched down the field on 7 plays, picking up 54 yards and increasing the lead to 34-7.

The frustration in Knoxville, once again, is very real.