During LSU’s game against No. 6 Florida, they had perhaps one of the best interceptions of the season.

When Kyle Trask threw the ball, it hit the Florida receiver’s arm, then off an LSU defensive backs helmet, and then right into the arms of Jay Ward.

A replay of that crazy play can be seen here courtesy of ESPN:

There were some people who thought that it shouldn’t have stood since Ward was out-of-bounds, but he gets back just in time to snag the interception. Here’s another angle of that play:

It ended up being a big swing as Florida was driving and trying to tie the game. Instead, LSU got the ball back and they’re now currently up 24-17 over the Gators at halftime.

Quarterback Max Johnson has been superb in the first half as he’s thrown for 122 yards and two touchdowns for the Tigers.

The game is currently being televised by ESPN.