Much has been made of the current College Football Playoff system as of late.

Especially during the Big Ten Media Days — coaches were asked about the current system and why the conference has been left out of the playoff the past two seasons. In short, they weren’t exactly thrilled with how things are.

Most people believe that the system will change from a four-team playoff to an eight-team playoff. After all, there is many to be made, no?

Here’s what Mack Brown — the former head coach at Texas and current coach at North Carolina — believes should happen to the College Football Playoff:

All in all, this is a good idea. Not only does every Power 5 conference have a chance in the playoff, but it allows for schools outside the Power 5 to have a chance at its own playoff as well. Giving every conference a bid into the playoff will then halt many of the issues regarding scheduling.

Currently, many within the B1G believe that the nine-game conference schedule and typically harder non-conference schedules that are made by its conference teams hinder its chances at making the playoff. Why? It’s easier to lose.

If every conference is guaranteed a bid, that at least somewhat takes care of that issue. Brown is in the belief that everybody — at least inside the Power 5 — should be included, and as of now, that seems to be at least somewhat of an improvement.

However, what do teams outside the Power 5 think of this? They probably wouldn’t be too happy with a guaranteed spot in what would be considered “the other playoff.”