It’s generally perceived that the expansion of the College Football Playoff would be a positive for the sport. A more inclusive tournament would allow more players to get an opportunity to compete for a national championship at the end of the year.

Not everyone is in favor of it, apparently.

North Carolina head coach Mack Brown said that not all of his players are in favor of the idea of expanding the College Football Playoff from four teams to 12. Some Tar Heels like the exclusivity of having just four teams in the fold.

“They wanted the playoffs to be about who is good enough to win all the games or win the national championship, not just have a bunch of teams involved,” Brown said, per ESPN.

It’s an interesting stance from the players’ perspective. Many fans have been discontent with the four-team model for a few years, calling for expansion to increase the level of entertainment and drama.

Earlier this offseason, the College Football Playoff revealed that it is seriously considering an expanded field with a 12-team format. While nothing is official at this time, there appears to be momentum heading towards change.