An ugly, nasty brawl broke out in the rain at Amon G. Carter Stadium in Ft. Worth, Texas following the conclusion of the Armed Forces Bowl.

The 3-7 Mississippi State Bulldogs had just defeated the 6-2 Tulsa Golden Hurricane, 28-26, and the teams were ambling out toward midfield for the traditional post-game handshake, dap-up, and love-down when the rolling donnybrook was touched off.

Everything brutish, violent, and cowardly about a brawl was present as the mass of bodies merged together and began attacking each other in packs and pairs, packs, and posses. Based on the live feed going out to the television live audience, it is likely going to take some time to sort out which individuals took part in which attacks before everyone can be properly identified and disciplined.


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Several clips already circulating on social media showed sucker punches being thrown, players being kicked and stomped on, and small groups of players athletes heaped up on the ground grappling and pounding each other as coaches and other players worked to separate the sides. 

Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach, he of the pirate ship and sword swinging, was afterwardg fairly nonchalant while discussing what went down with the sideline reporter for the television audience. Leach seemed to believe that Tulsa was the likely instigator, mentioning an unspecified incident on the field before the game and later stating that his team had not had any problems of that kind the entire season.

“I mean, this is a football game, so we’re not going to be tearing cloth over this deal,” said Leach. “Somebody went to a football game and somebody got hit. There’s a point to where I’m not going to lose my mind over it. But I just don’t like that we were undisciplined in situations where I feel if you control yourself mentally and emotionally you put yourself in a better position.”

It’s likely coach Leach only saw a very little of what was going on within the pile ups and along the bench area of the field, where at least one Bulldog’s player kicked a Tulsa player in the head before running away, and another was firing off haymaker punches, amongst myriad other ugly incidents. When Leach sees the entire video he’s likely going to have to change his tune and make more public amends at the risk of facing more serious punishment from his bosses at the university. 

Tulsa, to be sure, is going to be in the same situation. 

Some of the early videos can be seen below.