Two Power 5 conferences have opted out of playing football in the fall, while three are still prepared to move forward. A handful of Group of 5 conferences have backed out and others are trudging along.

The last week has been an interesting one in terms of the outlook of a college football season. Regardless of whether or not the season will be played, this fall is going to look a lot different.

Brett McMurphy of Stadium shared a map showing which states are still prepared to play football this fall, and which ones have backed out completely. In some cases, there are split states, though those have been rare.

Football is out of the question for nearly every state out West, while states in the South are still prepared to move ahead. States in the Midwest are currently split, mostly.

The B1G and Pac-12 have already opted out of a fall season and will try again in the spring. The ACC, SEC and Big 12 are still hoping to take the field next month. It should be interesting to see how it plays out.