The March Madness payouts for the 2023 NCAA Tournament are being finalized with the Final Four field officially set. Just three games remain in the tournament with payout figures for each conference revealed on Monday.

According to Sportico, the SEC will be the big money winner of this year’s tournament, eventually taking home $34 million from March Madness. The Big 12 and Big East were the only other conferences to reach the $30 million threshold.

As for the B1G, the conference is expected to take home $28 million. That mark exceeds what the ACC ($24 million) and Pac-12 ($14 million) will take home.

According to Sportico, the value for each game played this season is roughly $2 million. The payouts for each conference will be made in installments through 2029.

Each game played will be worth roughly $2 million, according to Sportico’s calculations, paid out in annual installments through 2029, bringing the SEC’s haul to roughly $34 million. The Big 12 is next with 16 games played for $32 million, followed by the Big East with 15 games for $30 million.

While the number of the B1G is solid, it is also somewhat of a disappointment for a league that sent 8 teams dancing. The SEC was able to lead the way in revenue, despite not having a team advance past the Sweet 16.