The Lane Kiffin-Nick Saban relationship has been an interesting one over the years.

One could argue that the two worked well together at Alabama, pointing at the success the two had while coaching together. But, on the other hand, there seemed to be a number of times where Saban lost his cool with Kiffin.

On Saturday night, after No. 1 Alabama’s dismantling of Louisville, Saban was asked about his QB situation yet again. Saban went off on ESPN’s Maria Taylor for asking the question, “What answers did you have about your quarterbacks after watching them play tonight?”

Saban was not pleased.

Taylor took to Twitter with her thoughts:

And Kiffin decided to offer his two cents on the situation as well:

Kiffin and Taylor aren’t going to be close with Saban anytime soon. But, Saban knew how he acted with Taylor wasn’t right.

According to report, Saban offered his apologies to Taylor.

Well, that was nice of him.