Mark Ingram was live from Saturday night as a part of FOX’s pre-game coverage for the B1G Championship Game. During that broadcast, Ingram was the lucky (or unlucky) recipient of a special segment.

With the game between Michigan and Iowa being played in Indianapolis, the pre-game show decided to feature the legendary cocktail sauce of St. Elmo’s Steak House. St. Elmo’s is an Indy staple, and the cocktail sauce is legendary for its horseradish punch of heat.

Ingram experienced that heat for the first time Saturday, and it went as expected. He made the mistake of taking a full bite of the sauce and was quickly seen battling the fire brewing inside.

“Bro, I’m breathing smoke out my nose dog,” exclaimed Ingram. “Straight dragon!”

He went on to have a coughing and sneezing fit live on air as he tried to recover. Matt Leinart helped provide some relief with a bottle of water as Ingram continued to fight the horseradish.

Experiencing St. Elmo’s is a right of passage for many in the B1G, particularly for teams and players that make the trek to Indy for media days. Now, Ingram has experienced it firsthand, but he might not come back for seconds.