The impending introduction of Name, Image, Likeness legislation across the country is going to have a profound impact on college sports as we know it, and one former coach provided a humorous breakdown of the upcoming changes.

Across the country, states are already beginning to implement NIL legislations with a start date of July 1. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico are among the states to move forward with laws, providing coaches and universities in those states with a new bargaining chip for recruits.

With those states being the first to enter the fray and many others expected to soon follow, the atmosphere and culture of college athletics and college football may be reshaped forever. Former Georgia and Miami head coach Mark Richt provided his take on what fans can expect in the post-NIL era:

“When I was playing college football, my priorities were girls, football, and then school,” said Richt according to the NY Times. “Now it’s going to be money, girls, football, school.”

It is definitely going to be interesting to see how these new laws impact college athletics and the decisions of college recruits moving forward.