Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy delivered one of the most memorable coaches rants ever 12 years ago. He added to his legendary status as a wordsmith Monday when he called a reporter a “jackass” when asked a question about a rumor.

Freelance reporter Mark Rosner asked Gundy during Monday’s teleconference about the rumor that Boone Pickens, a wealthy Oklahoma State booster who died two weeks ago, left a $30 gift card in his will for Gundy to get a haircut.

Gundy grew very angry with the question, saying, “Don’t hurt the real journalism world. It’s jackasses like you that cause problems, ok. They shouldn’t even let you call in.”

He added: “Do you want to talk football, we’ll talk football. If you want to be out there and talk idiotic social media, then you need to go do something with a college kid.”

Listen to the full exchange here:

The anniversary of Gundy’s “I’m 40. I’m a man” rant was Sunday, so maybe Gundy was just trying to top himself with yet another memorable press conference moment.

One thing is clear, though, Gundy doesn’t really want to discuss his hair.