Mike Leach suffered a medical emergency on Sunday and was rushed to the hospital. Now, he remains in serious condition as of Monday.

According to Ross Reily with The Clarion Ledger, Leach suffered a massive heart attack at his home on Sunday. Leach went between 10-15 minutes without medical care before EMTs arrived and used a defibrillator machine to restore a normal heart rhythm:

According to multiple sources, Leach, 61, collapsed at his home in Starkville, but did not receive medical attention for between 10 to 15 minutes. EMTs used a defibrillator machine and delivered multiple shocks to restore normal heart rhythm.

Reily also cited sources claiming concerns that Leach may have sustained seizures with the potential for related brain damage in the incident. The situation remains dire but Leach is still receiving care as of late Monday morning.