The back-and-forth between Maryland coach Mike Locksley and Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis continued on Saturday.

It should be known that both Locksley and Gattis were under Nick Saban at Alabama a season ago. Both were serving as co-offensive coordinator. Locksley officially made the play calls on Saturdays.

However, Gattis stated on Wednesday that Locksley may have called the plays, but the play-calls came from Gattis’ ideas during the week of preparation.

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This comment definitely sparked something.

On Saturday, Locksley got the chance to talk with the media and Gattis’ comments — of course — were brought up:

“I don’t care to comment on it, but I am because I’d like to put this to bed,” Locksley said. “Here’s what I’ll say: I’ve been a first-time play-caller before, I think back in 2005 was the first time I had the chance to call plays, so I know the anxiety that comes along with it. Josh knows the truth, I think that’s really important to understand, and I also know that there’s a difference between suggestions and decisions, and he’ll have an opportunity to make decisions now.

“He knows the truth and as I’ve said before, there’s a difference between suggestions and decisions. And I’m sure that notebook he has upstairs has a lot of suggestions in them and hopefully he’ll utilize them in the right way and make good decisions like I did for Alabama.”

Some fiery statements made there by Locksley. The two are obviously differing in views here.

It won’t all be settled this season, but the winner of the game between Michigan and Maryland on Nov. 2 will certainly have the “leg-up” in the matter.