A since-deleted tweet from Mike Leach that was sent out recently had the Mississippi State head coach in hot water. The tweet, which contained the image of a woman making a noose, prompted MSU athletic director John Cohen to issue a statement.

Since Leach hit the send button on the tweet, two Mississippi State football players have entered the transfer portal and a high amount of backlash was thrown the head coach’s way. After deleting the tweet, Leach apologized, saying he had no intentions of the images offending anyone.

On Tuesday, Cohen released a statement on the matter:

“No matter the context, for many Americans the image of a noose is never appropriate and that’s particularly true in the South and in Mississippi. Mississippi State University was disappointed in the use of such an image in a tweet by Coach Mike Leach. He removed the tweet and issued a public apology. The university is confident that  Coach Leach is moving quickly and sincerely past this unintended misstep and will provide the leadership for our student athletes and excitement for our football program that our fans deserve and that our students and alumni will be proud to support.”

Cohen added that Leach will have additional listening sessions with different groups of people around campus and will expand his cultural awareness of all things Mississippi.

Leach will be entering his first season as the head coach at Mississippi State after spending the previous eight seasons at Washington State.