¬†Normally when you get your own catch phrase it means you’ve become somebody. You don’t expect to have it thrown back in your face but that’s what’s happened yesterday to brand new Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman.

Pittman became a legend in the south-east for his big, “Yessss Sirrrrr,” call outs when the University of Georgia landed a prized recruit. The old ball coach had a habit of saying ‘yes sir’ in funny ways all day every day and someone in the marketing department had the bright idea to turn it into a calling card. Georgia used Pittman in dozens of social media videos and it became a thing for Big Sam to shout out it when pen went to paper in favor of the Bulldogs.

So when Pittman was hired away from Georgia to coach the Arkansas Razorbacks he packed up the legend and brought it along from Athens to Fayetteville. But yesterday, after Arkansas allowed the Missouri Tigers their biggest 4th quarter comeback in school history, Pittman saw his own glory thrown back in his face.

The Mizzou football Twitter account posted a Razorback’s hype video of Pittman making his special hog call under a simple question: “Did Mizzou just have their largest 4th quarter comeback in school history?”

There’s Pittman, big old smile on his big old face, crying out ignominiously: “Yesssssss Sirrrrrr!”

The Tigers dropped the perfect troll at the perfect moment after coming back from a 40-24 deficit to win the game 50-48 as time expired. It had been a scintillating match at Faurot Field in Columbia, Missouri and a furious finish.

The Razorbacks had scored with :43 seconds to play and, instead of opting to tie the game at 47 and play for overtime, went for two under the wily Pittman and converted, putting the Razorbacks up 48-47 and seemingly daggering the Tigers on their own home lawn. But Mizzou went warp speed down the field, got within field goal range, and booted home a 32-yard kick to take it down, as they say. The Tigers got the win and Pittman has the video to prove it. Yes, sir, indeed.