The NCAA transfer portal has become the latest offseason talking point in college football. Student-athletes seem to be entering their names at a rapid rate, allowing them to explore other options outside their current program.

The transfer portal has become fairly popular among college quarterbacks, too. The B1G has been no exception, seeing players like Tommy Stevens (Penn State), Alex Hornibrook (Wisconsin), Tate Martell (Ohio State) and others. Most recently, Michigan’s Brandon Peters entered his name into the database.

According to Max Olson of The Athletic, that means that 17 of the top 25 quarterbacks in the 2016 recruiting class have transferred, or about 68 percent. That means that only eight players from that cycle have stuck with their current programs.

Olson also listed those players, and two are from the B1G. Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins and Minnesota’s Seth Green — who is now a wide receiver — make up 25 percent of the names to remain with their program.

So for those of you believing quarterbacks at transferring at an incredibly high rate, you’re correct.

The transfer portal allows players to look for other opportunities while maintaining their eligibility with their current program, a huge benefit for the student-athlete. Still, the NCAA probably would like to see the number of players transferring cut down.

With players — particularly quarterbacks — transferring at such an incredibly high rate, it’ll be interesting to see if top-rated recruits start steering away from traditional blue-blood programs and committing to schools where they can have a more immediate impact.

Perhaps that will be the next major trend in college football.