Expanding the College Football Playoff is still something at the forefront of a lot of conversations right now. Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson recently confirmed that it’s something everyone in his position is on board with changing.

Saturday afternoon, Thompson told Bruce Feldman that “All 11 (commissioners) are in favor of expanding the Playoff.” He also stated that “there’s going to have to be some compromises made.”

Playoff expansion has been a topic of conversation for multiple years now with the opportunity to grow the sport a major consideration. With teams like Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Notre Dame dominating the field, there’s been a push to expand the 4-team bracket.

Over the summer, a 12-team format appeared to be the plan in place to move forward. However, with conference realignment and expansion taking place, talks of Playoff expansion have hit the backburner.

It’s still pretty unclear on what the future of the Playoff might hold. Even though talks have been tabled a bit longer than expected, it sounds like expansion is still a popular decision.