A North Carolina State wide receiver isn’t too happy with the late cancellation of the Holiday Bowl. He vented his frustrations with a tweet on Tuesday, just a few minutes after the announcement.

UCLA backed out of Tuesday’s Holiday Bowl game because of COVID-19 concerns within the program. The news came approximately 5 hours before kickoff.

When he heard the news, freshman wide receiver Porter Rooks took to Twitter to sound off on UCLA’s decision.

“Gonna cancel 5 hours before the kick?!” Rooks wrote. “Spent Christmas away from home, practiced for a month, had family fly across the country to watching game…smdh.”

The Holiday Bowl is the latest postseason contest to be canceled because of COVID-19 concerns. Other games that have been called off include the Military Bowl, Fenway Bowl, Hawai’i Bowl and Arizona Bowl.

Texas A&M opted out of the Gator Bowl but Rutgers will step in and play Wake Forest.