The NCAA adopted some new rules changes when it comes to how student-athletes can  transfer. There are now some different windows athletes can transfer in depending on the season the sport is played in per Meghan Durham of

College athletes will also now be able to have immediate eligibility the 1st time that they transfer as long as they let their schools know in writing within 1 of the windows.

Transfer windows are now a part of the transfer process. If you play a fall sport, there will be a 45-day window after championship selections or May 1-15. Winter and spring sports are following the same logic. Winter sports will have a 60-day window after championship selections.

Like fall sports, spring sports are now able to have a separate window other than the 45-day window after championship selections. All NCAA spring sports will also have a window from Dec. 1-15.

This could revolutionize the way the transfer portal works.