The recruiting dead period the NCAA initially implemented in March has now been extended. For at least another two months, teams will be restricted in what they’re permitted to do on the recruiting trail.

“The Division I Council Coordination Committee and the Division II Administrative Committee extended the recruiting dead period through May 31,” the NCAA said in a release. “The committee will continue to be guided by experts to determine whether the date needs to be extended.”

Initially, the NCAA implemented a dead period through April 15. However, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the country, the associated made the decision to extend the deadline by more than a month.

A dead period means there will be no official or unofficial visits to campuses and spring evaluations will be put on hold. Coaches have still been permitted to call and text with potential prospects during this time.

Spring and summer tend to be big recruiting months for college football, so this will have a significant impact for many schools across the country. But the NCAA is doing its part to limit the spread of coronavirus in hopes that college football will return to the field in the fall.