The NCAA has announced its plans to look at restructuring after sweeping changes have come to college athletics. The association released a statement on Friday.

Many changes have come to the world of college sports, most notably the ability for student-athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness. Because of that, the organization is looking to make a change to the way it governs.

The NCAA Board of Governors will have a special constitutional convention in November. Action is expected to be taken and changes made during the association’s previously scheduled convention in January.

“As the national landscape changes, college sports must also quickly adapt to become more responsive to the needs of college athletes and current member schools,” said Jack DeGioia, chair of the NCAA Board of Governors and president at Georgetown University. “This effort will position the NCAA to continue providing meaningful opportunities for current college athletes and those for generations to come.”

NCAA president Mark Emmert said this will not be minor changes to the way the association works, but a complete transformation to the world of college athletics and the governance structure.

“This is not about tweaking the model we have now,” Emmert said in the statement. “This is about wholesale transformation so we can set a sustainable course for college sports for decades to come. We need to stay focused on the thing that matters most — helping students be as successful as they can be as both students and athletes.”