On Thursday, the NCAA announced a handful of new rules changes and points of emphasis for the 2021 college football season. All of those tweaks have been approved and are expected to take effect immediately.

First, the NCAA announced changes to the overtime rules for the upcoming season.

Per the new rules, teams will be required to run a 2-point conversion play after a touchdown when a game is in the second overtime period. It had previously been required during the third overtime period. In the first overtime, teams can still kick an extra point.

Another change will be if a game reaches a third overtime, teams will run alternating 2-point plays from the 3-yard line to determine a winner. Previously, teams would still trade possessions and start from the 25-yard line in the third overtime. That policy previously took effect after the fifth overtime.

Here are other rule changes and points of emphasis from the NCAA:

Team area

The team area on the sideline has been extended to the 20-yard lines. It had previously been set between the 25-yard lines.

Unsportsmanlike tactics

Video board and lighting system operators may not create any distractions that obstruct or interferes with play on the field.

Feigning injuries

A school or conference can request postgame video review about questionable actions/faking injuries through the NCAA secretary-rules editor/national coordinator of officials.

Points of emphasis

Officials will put an emphasis on penalizing any taunting actions director at an opponent.

There will be more alertness towards players who are significantly in violation of the uniform rules.

Coaches will not be permitted to enter the field of play to argue or debate an official’s call on the field. If it happens, it will result in an automatic unsportsmanlike penalty.