The public health crisis in the country has stopped the sports world on all levels for the foreseeable future. And while current student-athletes playing winter and spring sports are most affected by the situation in athletics, there’s also an impact being felt on the recruiting front.

On Friday, the NCAA released a statement saying that it will provide some relief for recruits who have already been forced to cancel their officials visits. The association is allowing a new policy that will permit schools to reimburse recruits for canceled visits due to the coronavirus.

“The Division I Council Coordination Committee issued blanket waivers for specific membership requirements (including sports sponsorship and scheduling requirements and form submissions) and waived the deadline for reclassifying schools to submit strategic plans,” the statement read. “In addition, the group issued a waiver to allow schools to reimburse student-athletes for any expenses incurred related to canceled foreign tours and prospective student-athletes for expenses related to canceled official and unofficial visits.”

The NCAA will also discuss and vote on the possibility of granting spring student-athletes an additional year of eligibility, as the entire spring season has been canceled this academic year.

Many winter championships were also canceled amidst the coronavirus concerns.