With the transfer portal in full swing and student-athletes deciding to transfer at a rapid rate, the NCAA has made some rules tweaks regarding those policies.

According to a release from the Division I Council issued on Friday, the NCAA is making the transfer process a little less dubious for the future, particularly in certain situations. Most notably, the NCAA is instituting what has been called the “Hugh Freeze” rule by several media outlets.

That new rule will allow early enrollees for summer school to transfer without a waiver if their head coach is terminated or leaves the program before the start of fall classes. Two years ago, Freeze stepped away from Ole Miss prior to the start of the season due to a scandal that resulted in sanctions for the program. At the time, players were required to apply for waivers for immediate eligibility.

Another significant rule change is that walk-on players will be allowed to transfer and play immediately for another program without a waiver.

In addition to those significant changes, the NCAA will also not dock schools a scholarship for graduate transfers who are brought to a program who do not pass their courses. This was a topic of debate but the idea was shot down.

Overall, the new transfer rules and regulations seem to be a positive for the sport and tend to be player friendly. It cuts down on the amount of unnecessary paperwork for student-athletes, schools and the NCAA.

For once, there are some NCAA rules that are in place that everyone can agree with.