The NCAA has passed down a couple of rule changes Wednesday that are bound to have a resounding impact on college football.

The first rule passed removed the restrictions for FBS conferences to hold conference championship games. This paves the way for conferences to eliminate divisions and still hold a conference championship game. The Pac-12 was quick to move after the new rule came down.

The second rule passed involves the limits placed on a signing class in college football. Traditionally, the limit to sign players during a single recruiting class was 25.

With Wednesday’s change, the NCAA has eliminated the maximum number of players that can be signed in a single academic year for the next two years. That means players can sign as many players as possible, up to the 85 scholarship limit for the roster.

A big reason for the change is to help teams that lose a large portion of players to the transfer portal. Now, those teams can restock the roster faster without concern for the 25-player limit.