The NCAA has announced that it has created an expanded COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group, which will bring together professionals from all three divisions of college athletics. The association released a statement on Wednesday.

This new group is an extension of the original advisory board that was created earlier this year.

From the NCAA’s release, the COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing emerging COVID-19 research and data to provide guidance to the NCAA membership regarding training, practice and competition, with a primary focus on testing paradigms and mitigating infection spread.
  • Specifically providing guidance regarding appropriate COVID-19 protocols applicable to training, practice and competition in winter and spring sports.
  • Providing guidance for conducting all sports competitions and championships, including on-site management of student-athletes and essential personnel, nonessential personnel and fans.
  • Providing guidance related to physiological, medical and mental health consequences of COVID-19.
  • Assessing other emerging information such as vaccines and new medical treatments for the purpose of providing guidance to NCAA member schools.

The goal of this advisory group is to provide guidance to the NCAA. It will not be in charge of implementing policies for the association, but rather to make recommendations.

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