The NCAA has decided to lengthen the Division I recruiting dead period once again.

On Wednesday, the NCAA announced that it has extended the recruiting dead period for Division I athletics until Jan. 1, 2021. It will be re-evaluated at that time.

“The Division I Council extended the recruiting dead period through January 1,” the NCAA said in a statement. “The Council has been reviewing the dead period on a regular basis since April. A dead period precludes all in-person recruiting. Phone calls and correspondence can continue to occur.”

Back in March, the NCAA put a halt on recruiting activities across all sports due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the country continues to battle the virus, the association has decided to extend the dead period through the end of the year.

This means that there can be no on- or off-campus contacts, evaluations, visits or clinics until at least the first day of 2021. Coaches are still permitted to contact student-athletes through email, text messages and phone calls during this time.

Previously, the dead period had been extended through Sept. 30.